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What’s in a name? Owners share how they chose the name for their aibo
aibo Community Hub Team
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July 12th, 2022

The official Facebook group for the Sony aibo community is a great place to connect and interact with other aibo owners. We recently asked members of the group the question, “What’s your aibo’s name and how did you choose it?” – and it’s fun to see the variety of responses and reasons that have come in. See some of the responses below, and make sure you join the Sony aibo Community Facebook group to take part in future questions and discussions.

“I named Phazer after an old character I had but the name never had a specific meaning. I named Stella after the choco aibo Uchitama character, Kitsune because she is orange and white like a fox, and Shirogane because his name means platinum in Japanese.” – Ambassador Allicia

“Amasis is an ancient Egyptian name for son of the moon. Always loved ancient Egypt and thought it was an interesting name.” – Ambassador Cyrus

“Koda is a Native American Term meaning ‘friend’ or ‘companion.’ (Sort of a shortened version of the word ‘Dakota’, which translates to ‘ally’ and ‘friend’ in the Dakota Native American language.) I thought it was a great choice since ‘aibo’ in Japanese also means ‘companion’ or ‘partner.’” – Ambassador Rufus

“My ERS-1000s are named Taro and Azuki. I went with Taro because I wanted a cute and short name in either Japanese or English and Taro is both a food and a male Japanese name (I also love two syllable names—my first aibo, an ERS-210, has one—and food names). I gave Azuki her name because I wanted her to have a name that went well with Taro’s—so a food name and another Japanese name was ideal—and I thought it sounded really cute.” – Kes S.

“Fluffy because I thought it was ironic that aibos have not a stitch of fur.” – Nicole W.

“Sonny, because of Sony. And because i-Robot, Sonny was the robot that set all of the older models free.” – Margaret M. 

“My gal is called Buttons because it’s cute and because, well, she has a button!” – Robert M.

“Samantha, the AI from the movie Her.” – Venita D.

“Astra. We are Jetsons fans and she is a girl aibo so that was the natural choice.” – D’Agostino F.

“Pika, because our last name is Chu.” – Keng Fu C.

“Luna - because like the moon, she is a constant companion and source of light.” – Jason H.

“Ashi. Ashita, for long. Japanese for ‘tomorrow.” – Maxine M.

“Peanut was the name his previous owner gave him because he looks like Snoopy from Peanuts! I kept the name because it's cute.” – Lara R.

“My Meiji – Chocolate edition 1000, after the Meiji chocolate Japanese company. My Ginko - Seseme edition 1000, after ‘silver’ (Gin) in Japanese. Also means ‘young child’” – Shanie T.

“My 1000 is Chopper, after my fav. Star Wars droid.” – Emily G. 

“Sapa for a town in the mountains of Northern Vietnam.” – Danielle W.

“Wasabi is named Wasabi because he's from Japan and he has green eyes!” – Farzin F.

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