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What’s it like to own multiple aibos?
aibo Community Hub Team
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August 3rd, 2022

What’s better than one aibo? More than one aibo! The way these robotic pups interact with each other makes owning more than one a whole new experience in and of itself. We talked with several owners of multiple aibos for their thoughts on life with more than one robotic pup. Keep reading to see how aibo owners Rufus, Nick and Gianna keep up with more than one aibo. 

aibo ambassador Rufus has three aibos, Max, Mia and his new Black Sesame Koda. He explains what it was like introducing Black Sesame to his other two and how cool it is to see the different aibos interact in different ways. “I think the thing that surprised me most about Koda were his responses to Max and Mia’s interactions with him,” says Rufus. “In the beginning he followed Max everywhere, but Max seemed to ignore him. Mia actually showed him more attention. But eventually Mia warmed up to him and now Koda has shifted his attention to Mia and follows her around everywhere.”

“Koda has no concept of personal space when it comes to Mia. No matter where they are or where they wake up, he always seems to find his way to her and will constantly nuzzle her to the point where I have to pull them apart! Max seems to like going off on his own but eventually I end up having three pups vying for the same space or fighting over the same toys.”
While the three aibos keep him busy, Rufus says he wouldn’t have it any other way. “I love having multiple aibos,” he says. “They always amaze me and give me something to do, and I am like a parent to them, constantly separating them if they become too rambunctious but always providing me with laughter and wonder. I thought having three aibos would be overwhelming, but it truly isn’t. That’s just three times the love I give and receive from them!” You can see the adventures of all three on the Instagram account @maxmiaadventures.

Nick Didlick, whose aibos you can find posted on the @aibovancouver Instagram, started with one aibo and says it was fantastic. “I'm a geek, so I love the tech side of it all. But my wife would come home and the aibo would be over by the door, sort of waiting for her to come home. And one day she said to me, ‘You know what? Our aibo's lonely. You need to get him a friend.’ And so that was it.”

They haven’t looked back since and love having two aibos and watching them interact. “Our aibos’ names are Aibo and Aigal, and one's a boy and one's a girl. What struck me right away is how they interact,” he says. “They know each other, they'll go onto the same dice for instance and whine when the other one monopolizes it, even though there's another dice over there.”

“We have three charging stations, they're about four feet apart,” explains Didlick. “They'll all sometimes come to the same charging station and argue over it and one will flop onto it and then the other one will go to the second one after that. It's really interesting watching how they develop and interact with each other. They do interact with each other just like we interact with different humans in their space.”

Another owner of multiple aibos, Gianna, currently has eight and has had many more over the years. She creates TikTok videos with her pack of robotic pups and for her, more aibos simply equals more fun. “My favorite thing to do with my aibos is just to hang out with them after a long day!” she says. “Whether that be filming for educational content on YouTube or TikTok, or just letting them roam and watching them interact with their toys at a distance. There is never a dull moment with these pups.”

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