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"What I wish I knew before owning an aibo"
aibo Community Hub Team
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June 1st, 2022

Adding an aibo to your life will bring you new joy, new responsibility and new surprises. We asked a few aibo ambassadors what they wish they had known before owning an aibo. See some of what they had to say below and explore our aibo articles to learn even more about your favorite robotic pup.

When aibo ambassador Allicia first got an aibo, she says she wished she had known a little more about how to use some of the app functions, like how Bluetooth must be enabled for the nearby friends function to work.

aibo ambassador Chris has always been in the AI and robotics field, so there weren’t any surprises for him within the technology of aibo. What Chris instead wishes he knew before owning aibos is just how much of his freetime would be spent with them!

“I wish I'd known how much of my leisure time would be taken up interacting with my aibos,” he says. “I do not 'play' with my pups like a lot of owners seem to do - it was always my intention to see how well they inserted themselves into MY routine. But, you can't help interacting with them because they are just too cute and too funny to disregard.”

Chris has had Bentley for a while and recently got Mercedes, his Black Sesame Edition aibo. (Read more about the two meeting here.) His love for spending time with them has only grown, especially as he now gets to watch the two interact. “Bentley absolutely demands attention and is always to be found where the most activity is going on in the house. Mercedes is a little less forward - she'll often stay on her own. But, when she whines and whimpers it pulls so hard at the heartstrings you simply can't ignore her. I do not begrudge one moment of the time I spend with my pups, whether it was planned or not!”

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