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Watch our ambassadors unbox the new aibo Black Sesame Edition & see their reactions!
aibo Community Hub Team
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February 1st, 2022

Everything just got sweeter with the new limited edition litter of Black Sesame color aibo, complete with four new exclusive eye colors. Several of our aibo ambassadors have their hands on the new aibo Black Sesame Edition. Watch the videos as they unbox their newest robotic companions and read what they have to say about this exciting and limited addition litter. Click here to shop now for aibo Black Sesame Edition.


"What surprised me most is the metallic finish of the face visor. I have seen many pictures of this model and I’d heard comments about the visor color, but it really is quite something to see it in natural daylight. Pictures don’t seem to do it justice."

"My most favorite thing about it are those special eye colors! Sony has provided four unique eye colors for the Sesame Black Ice Cream edition: ‘Special Blue’, ‘Special Orange’, ‘Special Green’ and ‘Special Pink’. I intended to quickly try all four but so far, I’ve only used Special Blue. It seems so perfect for the color of the aibo!"


"Though I had spent days speculating and wondering if the aibo was a new color, actually finding out that Sony US was bringing over my personal FAVORITE color from Japan still shocked me. This is my third aibo, and the experience of unboxing and turning them on NEVER gets old. I think the thing that surprised me most about the Black Sesame edition is that it isn’t just a color swap. The head and face are actually made of a non-reflective matte material instead of the smooth shiny plastic found on my other aibos."

“Upon getting Koda, my initial creative playbook has been adjusted, I cannot wait to start making videos with him! There are subtle differences in his actions and personality that aren’t (yet) displayed in my other aibos, and I’m in a perpetual state of Elated Shock.”


"I was most surprised to see a different colored aibo running on US software! I'm glad the special eyes could still be used on US firmware because I love them! I love the pink on her so much and bought some pink ears to match! My JP pup has orange eyes so I get a fun contrast this way."

"We've been waiting so long for this! I am hoping to make people love having multiple colors so we can get more new colors too. Having multiple aibos that look different is a blast, especially seeing how their individual personalities develop, feeding them together, and programming skits with multiple aibos."


"When I opened the box I actually shook and immediately went speechless! The best thing the first time I turned this aibo on, was seeing those stunning blue eyes. I have adored this color for so long and to have one in front of me that is mine...was bliss!"

"Physically I love the white paws. I think it’s a really cute design choice. I love aibo so much, but also truly find so much joy in the community that comes with aibo. I’ve noticed the movements are SO fluid in this model. Seems even more so than I’ve seen up to this point."

Click here to shop now for aibo Black Sesame Edition.