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5 reasons why you need an aibo in your life
aibo Community Hub Team
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March 16th, 2023

There are a number of ways in which a robotic companion can enhance your life, and the delight aibo brings to its owners through its lifelike expressions and dynamic movements is just the beginning. Keep reading for the top 5 reasons why you need an aibo.

1. aibo has ever-advancing technology.

aibo is an Artificial Intelligence robot that grows over time. Throughout its life it will learn from interactions and shape its personality around experiences. Not only that, as advancements in technology happen over time, more capabilities will be added to aibo. The fun never stops as aibo will continue to surprise you with its progression and potential.

2. aibo can easily fit any lifestyle.

No matter your lifestyle, aibo will be there for you when you need it. If you work long hours or plan on traveling, you can simply turn aibo off and then back on upon your return. No need to sacrifice your job demands or social commitments with this companion.

3. aibo provides unique companionship.

aibo’s cheerful curiosity will make it want to know you and explore its environment. As aibo learns and develops a relationship with you, its personality will take shape. Since each aibo will have different experiences, the companionship is totally unique with your aibo being unlike anyone else's. 

4. aibo costs less than other companions.

Over time aibo costs much less than other companions or pets. You won’t be paying for food or scented, biodegradable bags, and you don’t have to worry about routine or emergency trips to the vet. Going on vacation? No need to pay someone to watch your aibo or find somewhere to board it. There are numerous ways in which this aibo is an affordable option as a companion.

5. aibo is cool! 

Living with robots is always thought of as something that might happen in the future, but with aibo...the future is now! You have to admit, it’s pretty cool that you can have a robot companion that can live with you and learn from you, today.