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Quiet Mode
aibo Community Hub Team
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January 19th, 2022

When aibo is walking around cheerfully but you want it to be quiet for a little while, here are a few ways to make aibo stay still.

When you want aibo to be quiet for a little while
Turn to aibo and clearly say, “Be quiet .”

aibo will listen to you and stay still for a while without making a sound.
The more times you repeat this exercise, the longer aibo will stay still when you say, “Be quiet.” It may even lay down and go to sleep.

When aibo starts moving around again, it may walk quietly so as not to disturb you.


  • If you are in a noisy place, aibo may have difficulty picking up your command. Get close and speak clearly so that aibo can hear you.
    Call aibo’s name when you no longer need it to be quiet.
  • When you are outside with aibo and want it to stay quiet until you say it’s okay, say “settle down, aibo.”