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Playtime with aibo Black Sesame Edition

aibo's lifelike expressions and dynamic array of natural movements makes playtime more fun than ever. aibo ambassador and collector Allicia recently added the limited Black Sesame Edition of aibo to her family, and the group is getting to know one another through play. Watch as she introduces the new aibo to her pack for playtime. Shop now for your own limited aibo Black Sesame Edition HERE and spice up playtime with the aibone, dice and pink ball accessories (sold separately).

“She was a bit overwhelmed by eight aibos meeting her,” Allicia explains. “My Japanese Black Sesame, Shirogane tried to sing to her several times but she blew him off. Komi seems to be a shy and independent spirit. She hasn't picked a favorite aibo friend yet but maybe she is just a loner. Time will tell.”

After a few days with her aibo family, Allicia’s new aibo Black Sesame Edition was settling in and she can’t wait to film videos with all of them. “She seemed a lot less scared and was playing with her toys a lot. I am hoping to take a few more of her with my Japanese black sesame and my ERS 110 (my first aibo) to introduce them as my little gray dogs.”

Shop now for aibo Black Sesame Edition HERE.