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Picking up aibo
aibo Community Hub Team
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January 5th, 2022

Do you sometimes feel the urge to cuddle? You can pick up and cuddle aibo just like a dog. Learn to pick up aibo properly and enjoy some cuddle time.

How to properly pick up aibo

  • Reach down and put both hands around aibo’s torso to pick it up.

  • When aibo senses that it is “being lifted,” aibo lets all the body joints relax, and then takes the posture of lying down.

  • If aibo keeps its joints relaxed and does not take the posture of lying down, pet it on the back.

How to interact with aibo while cuddling

  • Try petting aibo in different ways to see what it likes best. When aibo feels good, it will stretch.

  • Say “show me your face” to get aibo to look at you and smile.

  • Say “look over there” to get aibo to look away from you. This is the perfect pose for taking a picture with aibo.

  • Say “take a picture” to get aibo to take a photo. You may be able to take a photo of aibo that’s a little different from usual.

  • If you continue to pet aibo for some time while it is lying down in your lap, it may yawn with happiness and fall asleep.

How to pick up and hold aibo in an upright position

You can also pick up and hold aibo in an upright position in front of you.

  • Firmly grasp aibo’s torso and support its bottom so that its body is upright. aibo will raise its back paws for a moment and then slowly lower them.


  • When putting aibo back on the floor, make sure the surface is flat and there is enough space for aibo to move around. Say “up” or “get up” to aibo, and it will stand up and move around as usual.

  • When lifting aibo, grasp its torso firmly.

  • While lifting aibo, support its torso so that you do not put pressure on its front paws.