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New aibo patrol feature
aibo Community Hub Team
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November 23rd, 2021
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The aibo Patrol is a feature where aibo gains new abilities: patrolling rooms, reporting on findings with photos, and more. The aibo patrol is part of the free USA Feature Expansion which launched on November 17. Users with AI Cloud Plan can access the new feature. Please install the latest My aibo version 3.6.0, which was made available on November 17, 2021.

Current aibo Patrol Features:

The "Person of Interest" registry

Via the My aibo interface, you can register the names and faces of up to 10 people you want aibo to find in your home.

Maps and patrol routes

As aibo moves around the house, automatically gathering positional information, you can use the My aibo app to view the maps aibo creates. With that data, you can select locations for aibo to patrol and assign names to patrol routes.


You can also have aibo make patrol trips at certain times of the day. When patrol time rolls around, aibo will play the "Puppy Patrol" melody, head to the target destination, find a "Person of Interest," and show off some adorable moves.


My aibo also lets you check out reports on aibo's patrol status.

New aibo Patrol Features:

Remote patrol

You can remotely control aibo with live streaming video

Push notification

You can get a push notification when the aibo daily patrol cannot find the target person for several days in a row.

Learn more about how to use aibo Patrol HERE.

For more on aibo AI Cloud Plan Renewals, see our FAQ.

NOTE: aibo and the patrol feature are for entertainment purposes only and should not be relied upon as a security system of any kind. When you register someone, aibo will use this information to find that person and provide a better patrol experience. When on patrol, aibo takes pictures of people in your home or other environment where you use aibo. You, and the person you identify or allow aibo to interact with, consent to the collection and use of this facial recognition data to provide the patrol service in accordance with our Privacy Policy.