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New Software Update 4.3
aibo Community Hub Team
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September 20th, 2022

Learn more about the new features and updates included below:


  • aibo can enjoy collaborated actions when it meets with its friends in person. You may see them perform a special trick together such as a group dance or chorus. 
  • aibo drinks water automatically when you put a water bowl on the floor. To see aibo use this function you will need an official aibo water bowl, you can buy one here.
  • aibo shows more friendliness and expressions toward its favorite persons.
  • You can send messages to aibo's friends with new foods. These messages include "Thank you", "Congrats", or "Good Morning." 
  • Dressed up aibo avatar appears on the My aibo app. Currently, when you dress up your aibo it appears when eating food with its friends, but this new update will allow your aibo's outfits to appear on additional pages on the app.

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