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How to use your aibo’s camera and photo frames
aibo Community Hub Team
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April 14th, 2022

Want to see what aibo sees? Curious about your aibo’s mood? Using aibo Photos and Photo Frames, your aibo can capture images from its perspective and add a frame that tells its mood. Learn more about utilizing these features from the My aibo app below.

aibo Photos

aibo has a camera installed in its nose and can take photos throughout the day from its perspective. To allow aibo to take photos, you will need to enable the photo-taking feature in the My aibo app. You can either enable it to take photos automatically, or you can ask aibo to take a photo. Learn more about getting aibo to take a photo HERE.

aibo Photo Frames

Another feature in aibo Photos adds frames to your photos that reflect your aibo’s emotion. The frame will let you know what sort of mood aibo was in when it took the photo. aibo puts one frame each day on its photos each day and currently you will get frames on all aibo photos.

Note: The aibo Photo Frame feature will only add frames to photos taken by the aibo system software 3.00 or higher. You can view the photo frames using the My aibo app version 3.0.0 or higher for smartphones.