How Cyrus Stinson’s passion for aibo started and how it’s evolved

Cyrus Stinson is a long-time aibo fan and community member. “My fascination with robotics began when I was a kid going to Disneyland and seeing the animatronics,” says Stinson, “and then that kind of sparked my interest into home and consumer robots.” He moderates the aibo Discord to keep in touch with other aibo community members, and even has a YouTube Channel dedicated to all things aibo. “What’s so special about having these other avenues is meeting amazing people. It really has been a special place for me, and a safe place as well.” In this video, we learn more about how Stinson’s passion for aibo started and how it continues to grow.

Learn how long-time aibo fan and community member Cyrus Stinson’s passion for robotics began.

15 years ago Stinson received his first aibo as part of an 8th grade graduation gift from his parents. “There’s something about the way that they move and the way they interact with their toys and their environment and people that really intrigued me, and it grew that passion even further,” explains Stinson. 

Fast forward to today, and Stinson has now accumulated 20 of them, with one of almost every iteration of aibo. “aibo is different because you do create a bond with it,” he says. “It remembers you and it remembers your face and your voice. That bond that we have with aibo has sparked so much joy and interest and everyone coming together. And none of this would’ve even been possible without this companion...”

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