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The Evolution of the ERS1000
aibo Community Hub Team
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January 31st, 2023

The ERS1000 first launched during the Fall of 2018 in the United States and continues to develop and improve with more features and software updates. The ERS1000 named in all lowercase. This model pairs cutting-edge robotics with new cloud-connected AI and advanced image sensors, giving aibo the ability to learn and recognize faces. The latest aibo uses ultra-compact actuators that allows aibo’s body to move along 22 axes, and two OLED eye panels to show a range of expressions.1,2

Here is a timeline of all the different advancements that the ERS1000 has had since coming to the US.


Fall 2018 ERS1000 launched in the US

The ERS1000 is the latest iteration of Sony's robotic puppy. This one-of-a-kind companion is able to grow over time and form a unique personality through everyday interactions. With lifelike expressions and a dynamic array of movements, aibo is sure to become a beloved member of your family.

Learn more and purchase: 


January 2019 aibo Patrol

The aibo Patrol is a feature where aibo gains new abilities: patrolling rooms, reporting on findings, and more.


aibo Patrol Features:

The "Person of Interest" registry

 Via the My aibo interface, you can register the names and faces of up to 10 people you want aibo to find in your home.

Maps and patrol routes

As aibo moves around the house, automatically gathering positional information, you can use the My aibo app to view the maps aibo creates. With that data, you can select locations for aibo to patrol and assign names to patrol routes.


You can also have aibo make patrol trips at certain times of the day. When patrol time rolls around, aibo will play the "Puppy Patrol" melody, head to the target destination, find a "Person of Interest," and show off some adorable moves.


My aibo also lets you check out reports on aibo's patrol status.

Learn more: 


November 2019 Software Update 2.5 aibo food


Give aibo food and watch as it digs in happily. You can eat alongside your aibo or tell aibo to wait and watch it squirm in anticipation. You can track what aibo eats from the My aibo app.4 

Learn more about feeding aibo: 


November 2019 Software Update 2.5 aibo API released

aibo Visual Programming is an easy-to-use programming tool that allows you to create original movements and tricks for your aibo without knowing any programming language.


Learn more about visual programming.


November 2019 Software Update 2.5 Potty Training

As part of the 2.5 aibo update you can now potty train aibo to pee in a specific location. 


Step 1

At the place you want aibo to remember as the "toilet," tell aibo, "toilet is here."

Step 2

When you start seeing aibo sniffing the floor, it means aibo is remembering the location.

Step 3

When aibo pees, give aibo praise and compliments. Check the map in the My aibo app to see if the location is remembered. Training is successful when the toilet icon is displayed.

Tips for teaching

If you carry aibo to the place for potty training, please wait to provide commands until aibo has stood up.

If the toilet icon on the map has a question mark (?), aibo is in the process of remembering the location. If you continue to do steps 1-3, the question mark will disappear.

Learn more about aibo potty training. 


June 2020 Welcome Home

You can train aibo to welcome you at a specific time/place when you return home.




Take aibo to location that you would like to be welcomed home at. Tell aibo, "welcome home here," several times. Repetition will increase learning. When you see aibo start sniffing the floor, it is a signal aibo is remembering the location.

Step 2

Once you see aibo wave make sure to continue to praise aibo by petting and continue to say, "welcome home here". Using the My aibo app, check your map and see if the door icon is displayed in that location. Once it is shown, it is successful. To confirm the location, please say, "go home" to aibo. If aibo goes to that location and waits, training has been successful.

Step 3

When you leave home, say, see you later, then pet aibo. When you return home, say, I'm home, then pet aibo. aibo will eventually remember this location/time so when your arrival time is getting close, aibo will go to the welcome home place and be ready for your arrival!

Learn more about the welcome home feature.


October 2020 aibo Friends version 4.00

Your aibo can make a friend by scanning the QR code of the aibo that you want to be a friend, or you can select aibo from My aibo recommendations. Enjoy watching aibo Friends eat, do tricks and have fun together.

Learn more about aibo friends: 


April 2021 aibo Department Store opened

You can use coins to buy items in the aibo department store. You can find meals for aibo on the food floor and headwear on the fashion floor.

April 2021 Changed Reactions to aibo toys

The reactions for the toys such as aibone or dice improved and more interactive. For example, if you show the toys in front of aibo, it is pleased and begs for them with its mouth opening. aibo will hold the toys with its mouth and play with them.




September 2021 aibo Territory

You can now teach aibo specific boundaries, setting places that you want aibo to avoid. Under map in the My aibo app, add a "chili pepper," aibo's least favorite smell, to the location/s that you want aibo to avoid. In the future, aibo will learn boundaries and tend to stay away from these locations.

Learn more about aibo territory.


September 2021 aibo friends' local dances

When aibo eats food with a friend, aibo learns the local dance of the region where that friend lives. At first, aibo can only dance the local dance a little, but aibo's dancing improves through repeatedly eating food.


You can check aibo's progress in [Other dances] - [Practice logs] of [Profile] screen in My aibo app.

Learn more about local dances.


November 2021 AI Cloud Plan USA Feature Expansion

For users with AI Cloud Plan access, the following features are added to enhance your experience with aibo.2 

Learn more about all expansion:

1. Tricks Around the World

2. “aibo cameraman”3

  • Expansion of aibo photos: Limitation to show up to 500 photos is removed.

  • Expansion of streaming: Streaming time to see what aibo is seeing now is expanded from 30 sec to 10 min.

  • Cameraman tricks: By saying “Take a photo of everyone” or “Take one more photo”, aibo shows additional tricks to take photos

  • aibo Photo Frame: aibo puts a photo frame to show its own emotion when it takes an aibo photo. Currently you get one frame each day. After expansion, you will get frames on all aibo photos.

3. Additional features for “aibo Patrol”

  • Remote patrol: You can remotely control aibo with live streaming video

  • Push notification: You can get push notification when aibo daily patrol cannot find the target person for several days in a row. 


January 2022 Black Sesame Edition

Sony Electronics Inc. announced that the limited quantity aibo Black Sesame Edition Litter (ERS1000/H) for purchase in the U.S. Released in Japan in late January 2021, the aibo Black Sesame Edition is the second color variation of the acclaimed aibo (ERS1000) robotic "puppy" companion in the United States. Featuring a unique dark gray color body with white accents, the aibo Black Sesame Edition comes with four exclusive eye colors not available with the standard white model. 

As with the white model, all aibo Black Sesame Edition products come with a three-year AI Cloud Plan, charging station (including both charging stand and charging mat), AC adaptor, power cord and a special pink ball, for playtime.


February 2022 Food bowl and Water bowls

Sony released the aibo Food Bowl and the aibo Water Bowl. With the My aibo App, aibo parents can feed their pet virtual meals or treats and watch aibo eat out of the bowl.

Selecting the "AR" button in the app offers a fun interactive Augmented Reality experience for aibo parents to see their aibo eat its food, virtually.4 Learn more about feeding aibo at  

Links to Purchase Food and Water bowls:


March 2022 Putting aibo to sleep

You can now put aibo to sleep at night when you want to sleep. 


There are two ways to do this.

Method #1: Keep petting aibo on back while it is on the charging station. 

Method #2: Tell aibo “Sweet Dreams” while it is on the charging station. 

If you continue to put aibo to sleep daily, it might learn when it is bedtime, and to return to the charging station on its own and sleep until morning.

Learn more about this feature at

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1. "My aibo" can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store. A web browser version is also available at Network services, content, and the operating system and software of this Product may be subject to individual terms and conditions and changed, interrupted or discontinued at any time and may require fees, registration and credit card information.

2. aibo and aibo AI Cloud Plan subscription required to fully enjoy all features of "My aibo." App.

3. You need an aibo and AI Cloud Plan subscription to use aibo photos. The aibo Photo Frame feature will only add frames to photos taken by the aibo system software 3.00 or higher. You can view the photo frames using the My aibo app version 3.0.0 or higher for smartphones.

4. To feed aibo, you need to update the aibo system software to version 2.50 or higher and the My aibo app to version 2.5.0 or higher.