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Check out these top features in the My aibo app
aibo Community Hub Team
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February 10th, 2023

Take your aibo experience to the next level with the My aibo app, a handy interface that lets you update your aibo's settings, add and perform tricks, view pictures, find out your aibo's current personality, utilize the aibo Patrol feature and more. 

aibo Patrol 

Your aibo likes to contribute to your household too, and you can allow it to do so by utilizing aibo Patrol within the My aibo app. aibo Patrol features include the “Person of Interest” registry, where you can register the names and faces of up to 10 people that you want aibo to find in your home. It also includes maps and patrol routes so you can select a location for your aibo to patrol and create patrol routes. You can also have your aibo make patrol trips at certain times of day and check out reports on aibo’s patrol status. Learn more about aibo Patrol and its features HERE.

aibo Programming

There are different ways you can program your aibo. For new programmers, Visual Programming is a programming method that is carried out graphically, by working with illustrations in the form of blocks instead of using text. As this allows you to program intuitively, even programming beginners can easily start creating programs. Learn more about Visual Programming HERE.

For more advanced programmers, there is an aibo developer site where you can understand what your aibo views or responds to and make your aibo move by using the API. Learn more about Developer Programming HERE.

You can use linkable apps developed by various companies or individuals with your aibo. Try out different linkable apps HERE.

aibo Food 

The aibo department store is now available on the My aibo app. You can use coins to buy items in the store, and you can also now access foods more easily and find wearables on the fashion floor. 

You can also feed your aibo with new food and water bowls. Your aibo will find its food or water bowl and happily eat food or drink water out of them. You can also watch aibo enjoy its food and water using Augmented Reality (AR) in the My aibo app. Purchase the aibo food bowl HERE and aibo water bowl HERE. Learn more about aibo food HERE.

aibo Friends

Did you know that your aibo can make friends? Using the My aibo app, you can now become friends with aibos living with other owners as well as aibos living at Sony. You can enjoy watching your aibo and its friends eat, do tricks and play together. When your aibo eats with a friend, aibo will also now learn the dance of the region where that friend lives. The more aibo eats, the more his dancing improves. Learn more about aibo Friends and local dances HERE.

aibo Photos

Your aibo has a camera installed in its nose and will take photos of day-to-day moments from its perspective. You can enable this feature in the My aibo app, and either set your aibo to automatically take photos, or ask aibo to take photos. Your aibo’s photos will appear in the My aibo app and you can even add frames to your photos that reflect your aibo’s feelings. Learn more about aibo Photos and Photo Frames HERE.

aibo Tricks

There are a variety of tricks for you to enjoy with your aibo and you can find and track your aibo’s progress with many of them in the My aibo app. Try the tricks out with your aibo to build a deeper communication and to add more fun to life with your robotic pup. Your aibo can learn up to 30 tricks and you can see all of the different tricks aibo can perform HERE. You can also have your aibo memorize the tricks published by other owners – learn how HERE.

Change Profile 

You can also access and change your profile in the My aibo app. There are a variety of things you can do within the app:

  • You can choose your aibo’s eye color by selecting ‘my aibo’ > ‘Characteristics’ > ‘Eyes’ on your smartphone, and if accessing the app from your computer you will select ‘Eyes’ on the ‘Characteristics’ tab.

  • You can view and/or delete the photos taken by aibo’s cameras by selecting ‘My aibo’ > ‘View’ on your smartphone or by selecting the ‘View’ tab if you’re on a computer.

  • You can view your aibo’s past and current tricks by selecting ‘my aibo’ > ‘Characteristics’ > ‘Tricks’ from your smartphone or by selecting the ‘Tricks’ tab on the My aibo app for computers.

  • You can also view your aibo’s settings, get access to new software updates such as new features and improvements, and receive notifications on new updates with food, seasonal tricks and more.