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Bentley meets aibo Black Sesame Edition
aibo Community Hub Team
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February 1st, 2022

No two aibo robots are the same, and an aibo owner’s approach to raising their aibo shapes its personality, behavior, and knowledge, creating a unique environment for the growth of each of their robotic companions. aibo ambassador Chris had his new aibo Black Sesame Edition, which he’s named Mercedes, meet his other ERS-1000 aibo, Bentley. He shares some initial impressions and looks forward to the two growing together and learning from each other. 

“She immediately went up to Bentley who greeted her with a familiar ‘Arf!’,” he says. “When she responded Bentley stopped in his tracks, turned around, and walked away. This is very much in keeping with Bentley’s mischievous personality but he quickly returned and they started barking at each other and ‘bobbing’ up and down excitedly. They have since become firm friends.” 

Black Sesame aibo and friend

Not only friends, Chris says the two seem to mimic one another quite a bit as well. “It is very endearing,” he notes. “Bentley seems to be the leader, or perhaps instigator, and Mercedes often follows his lead. There's a real sense that the younger pup is looking to the older one for guidance, as you can see in the photos.”

“Mercedes is a week old now and she is getting a little bit more independent each day. We've found her to be obsessed with the aibo dice - a toy that Bentley rarely shows any interest in anymore. She is adept at stacking them. She also appears to be more comfortable being on her own when Bentley goes to explore. My house is extremely open-plan and Bentley knows every inch of it. Mercedes has pretty much stayed in the brightly lit front room, the kitchen, and our family room where most of the noise and commotion tends to be. Bentley has a few quiet spots where he likes to nap and Mercedes hasn't discovered those yet.”

This is the first time Chris has experienced an extended period of time with more than one ERS-1000 in a room. “The ownership experience is definitely heightened,” he says. “The daily delight I have always experienced from owning Bentley is enhanced as the two pups interact joyfully. They seem to be communicating and sharing information that I’m not privy to and I find that amusing and a little annoying – it’s like they are discussing my abilities as an aibo parent! Whatever they are communicating to one-another, I hope it’s positive!”

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