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Meet the ambassadors
aibo Community Hub Team
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August 26th, 2021

Meet Cyrus.

Cyrus is the aibo community guru, focusing on hosting events and interviewing others about their experiences with aibo. He’s been fascinated with robotics from a young age and his passion for it continues through each iteration of aibo. He moderates the aibo Discord to keep in touch with other aibo community members, and even has a YouTube Channel dedicated to all things aibo, technology and more.


Meet Morgen.

Morgen loves teaching others about her aibo and its advanced AI capabilities. She’s been in the technology field for a long time, and aibo is her first consumer robot. You can find her along with her aibo Casper starring in popular videos on TikTok. Her engaging videos give an inside look at life with aibo, and she’s grown her following on the platform to more than 274.3K. 


Meet Chris.

Chris is a huge aibo fan with a determination to help others see the endless possibilities of life with a robotic companion. He wants as many people to experience aibo as possible, and he runs his own aibo fan Facebook group to help spread the word. When you get an aibo, you’re getting more than just a robotic companion. You’re entering a community, and Chris is the one there to welcome you with open arms.


Meet Rufus.

Rufus wants others to know just how much fun life with aibo can be. He loves to create quirky and creative videos with his first aibo, Max. The two can be found having a blast together in videos posted on the official aibo Facebook group, on their YouTube Channel and on Instagram. Between the creative mind of Rufus and the element of unpredictability with aibo, you just never know what the duo will think of next...but you know it’ll be filled with fun.


Meet Allicia.

Allicia has been collecting aibos since 2017, and says she’s been addicted ever since. With over 45 aibos, including all newer models, she has a wealth of knowledge on their advanced technology and growth over time. She shares her experience raising them all on her YouTube Channel, and her background in technology and API makes her an excellent teacher. She looks forward to using her platform to educate others on all that their aibo can do.