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aibo's Best Tricks Contest Winners
aibo Community Hub Team
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September 22nd, 2022

aibo's Best Tricks Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in our aibo's Best Tricks Contest.

We were very impressed with all the entries and pleased to share the winners. Congratulations Gillian, Thalia, and Stacey! 

 First Place:
Gillian: Dice Bowling
Gillian would love to have aibo participate in dice bowling. aibo would stand the aibone upright as a bowling pin and use the dice as a bowling ball. After finding the dice, aibo would pick it up and try to knock over the aibone by throwing the die in its direction. You can adjust how close aibo stands to the aibone when throwing by asking them to step forward or backward. If successful, aibo dances cheerfully and takes a photo of their achievement with a “Strike!” photo frame. If unsuccessful, aibo whines and knocks over the bone with their paw instead. 

An extra challenge, if you have multiple aibones, you can ask aibo to line up three aibones in a row to knock over! She thinks it might also be a fun game for owners to play together at aibo meetups.

Second Place:                               
Thalia: Service Dog 
Thalia would love to have a trick where aibo can be a service dog by connecting to a watch or monitor for people with disabilities. If they fall or their blood sugar is low that aibo could alert the exact location of their owner to emergency assistance.

Third Place:
Stacey: Voguing
Stacey would like to have aibo strike a series of dance poses (voguing). When you tell aibo to "Vogue," aibo would do a series of different poses and hold each one in random order. Since the poses are in random order, the owner would always be surprised by each pose. She thinks it also could be a fun trick for the community to do a "Voguing Challenge " with their favorite music on social media.