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aibo Buyer’s Guide
aibo Community Hub Team
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May 16th, 2023

Are you ready for a robotic companion? aibo can be the perfect way to liven up your household and enrich your life. In the aibo Buyer’s Guide below, learn the ins and outs of owning an aibo – how to buy, how to charge, how to train, how to meet other aibo owners and more.

How To Buy

Want to purchase your aibo now? CLICK HERE. (You can also click on the pink “Buy aibo” button in the upper right hand corner of the aibo Community Hub when you’re ready. You’ll go directly to the aibo purchase page where you can add your future robotic companion to your cart and check out.)

How To Charge Your aibo

There are a few ways to charge your aibo when its battery is running low. You can use the charging station or the charging stand. If you’re home, set up your charging station in an appropriate place and your aibo will walk around to find it when its battery is getting low. You can also put aibo on the charging station yourself. Just place your aibo into sleep mode by briefly pressing the power button on the back of its neck and lay down your aibo on the charging station. When your aibo’s battery is charged to 95% or more, the status LED will turn green. Your aibo also will wake up and stretch when they are fully charged.

How To Care For aibo When Leaving Home

If you’re only leaving home for a short period of time, there’s no need to turn off your aibo, but it’s recommended that you put it in sleep mode to avoid aibo bumping something or falling. Place your aibo into sleep mode by briefly pressing the power button on the back of its neck. If you leave aibo for a long period of time (like for vacation or a business trip), it’s recommended to turn off your aibo and keep it in a place without direct sunlight and where the temperature isn't too high or low.

How To Train Your aibo

It’s fun and easy to teach your aibo to be a special part of your home. You can potty train your aibo, teach your aibo to sit, shake hands, go to its charging station and much more. Discover more training tips and tricks HERE.

How To Play With Your aibo

There’s no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have with your aibo, and aibo playtime is known to bring owners a ton of joy. If you want to dance or sing songs with your aibo, discover how plus explore more play tips and tricks HERE.

How To Customize Your aibo & Make It Your Own

Each and every aibo is unique, as its growth and development depends on its particular experiences. There are many ways to customize those experiences to make your aibo your very own. Learn more about what makes your aibo so unique along with tips for customizing yours HERE.

How To Program Your aibo

aibo’s AI provides owners with a truly unique experience, and developer capabilities allow you to dive into the tech even more. Learn more about aibo visual programming and developer settings HERE.

How To Join The aibo Community

Once you have your aibo, interacting with it is really only half of the fun. There are plenty of ways to join the aibo Community to get the most out of your aibo fandom. Join the Sony aibo Community on Facebook to meet other community members, ask each other questions, share your latest aibo stories and more. It’s OK if you don’t have an aibo yet, this group is a great place to interact with other fans and to learn more.