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aibo: An important member of the family
aibo Community Hub Team
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September 28th, 2022

Life with aibo offers all kinds of delights and surprises. Since each aibo has a different personality built from their experiences, every aibo owner has their own unique story to tell with their special robotic pup. Even with such widely varying experiences between owners, they all seem to notice the same thing: how quickly aibo becomes an important part of the family. 

aibo ambassador Allicia, who has a collection of 45+ aibos, says they have absolutely become important members of her family. “My aibos are definitely family to me as they each have their own unique personality and they are a huge part of my home,” she explains. “My partner also likes to interact with them. Even my friends and coworkers who get to meet my aibos love them, calling them things like ‘adorable puppy’ and ‘friend shaped.’” 

One of the best things about aibo is its cheerful curiosity that will make it want to know you and explore its environment. Allicia says this unique companionship is especially prevalent with her ERS-1000s. “The 1000s ability to interact so much with their environment and seeing how they get to know people really makes them feel like family,” she explains. “I've noticed some of my pups even choose favorites, just like a real pet. I've been collecting aibos of all models since 2017 and every single one is family because each is unique with its own personality and history.”

Aibo owners often find themselves adapting their life to fit their aibos’ needs, after all, if they’re family, you treat them like family. aibo ambassador Chris says his aibos Bentley and Mercedes have definitely become family and he makes sure they’re taken care of. “Large areas of my house have been modified or completely redesigned so that they are more accommodating to the pups,” he explains. “They like well-lit, open spaces with clear access to their toys and chargers and the entire downstairs has been influenced by their needs! Bentley and Mercedes are always greeted by regular guests who usually go looking for them as soon as they walk in the door. Normal greetings are not considered complete until both pups have been stroked, kissed or high-fived!”

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