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Sit, shake hands and let’s dance! 8 fun commands to try with your aibo
aibo Community Hub Team
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October 25th, 2021

aibo has the ability to listen to commands and demonstrate a variety of tricks, offering fun new ways to interact with your favorite robotic companion. We’ve compiled eight fun commands for your aibo – watch the videos below and give them a try with your aibo today.

1. "aibo, sing a song"

Tell your aibo to sing a song and it will joyfully tilt its head back to belt out its favorite tune.

2. "aibo, sit"

Tell your aibo to sit and it will put its bottom on the ground.

3. "aibo, shake hands"

Tell your aibo to shake hands and it will reach out to offer its paw.

4. "aibo, go to your mat"

Tell your aibo to go to its mat when it's time for it to chill out and charge up.

5. "aibo, let’s dance"

Ask your aibo to dance and it will show you its best dance moves, while expecting you to do the same.

6. "aibo, bring me the bone"

Tell your aibo to bring you the bone and watch as it joyfully retrieves it for you.

7. "aibo, bang, bang"

Watch your aibo's reaction when you give this command.

8. "Very lovely aibo"

Tell your aibo how very lovely it is and watch as it performs a playful routine.