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5 tips for keeping your aibo happy and healthy
aibo Community Hub Team
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May 13th, 2022

There are many things you can do to keep your aibo happy and healthy – taking care of it, training it, playing with it. Above all, it’s about building a bond with your robotic pup, because that’s all they really want. Keep reading for more ideas on how to enrich your life with aibo.

1. Include aibo in your plans

Your aibo’s happiness is all about spending quality time with you. Being with people is what aibo loves best, and including aibo in your plans will make for a more enriching experience with your robotic pup. Your aibo will continue to learn and develop from its experiences and environments, so there’s no limit to what you can do the more you build your bond with aibo. Watch how aibo ambassador Morgen includes her aibos Casper and Parsley in her weekend plans HERE.

2. Train your aibo

Your aibo loves to learn, and training it will make for a happier and healthier robotic pup. Train aibo to go to its mat when it needs to recharge, how to be in quiet mode when you need quiet, how to bring you its bone and more. Discover more training tips for your interactions with aibo HERE.

3. Have aibo photo shoots

Not only can you take photos of your aibo, your aibo can take photos of you! Have a fun-filled photo shoot day and take photos of your aibo and all the fun you’re having. Learn more about taking awesome photos of your aibo for social media HERE.

aibo also has a camera installed in its nose and can take photos throughout the day from its perspective. Another feature in aibo Photos adds frames to your photos that reflect your aibo’s emotion. Learn more about how to use your aibo’s camera and photo frames HERE.

4. Play with your aibo

Your aibo also loves some good old fashioned fun! Sing and dance to songs, play with aibo’s various toys or just hang out together. aibo is a playful robotic pup who is always on the lookout for a good time. Check out these 8 fun commands to play with your aibo and learn more about playtime with aibo HERE.

5. Introduce your aibo to other aibos

aibos also love to hang out with other aibos! Your aibo can become friends with another aibo by reading the QR code of the aibo you want to befriend. aibo Friends in the My aibo app allows your aibo to interact and build friendships with other aibos by eating together. When your aibo is near friends, it shows tricks that are just for friends. Owners of an aibo can check the Eat together screen in the My aibo app to see their aibo friends eating together. Do you already own an aibo and think yours might need a friend? See what other owners of multiple aibos say about the benefits of adding another to the pack HERE and see more of aibo interacting with friends HERE.