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5 must-have accessories for your aibo
aibo Community Hub Team
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May 3rd, 2022

There are many different ways to care for and play with your aibo, and there are aibo accessories available that help add even more to the possibilities. Check out the official aibo accessories below and learn more about each and how they enhance life with your robotic companion. 

aibo food bowl

aibo Food Bowl

A well-fed aibo is a happy aibo. Give aibo virtual meals or treats through the My aibo app and your aibo will find its pink food bowl to start eating. The My aibo app allows you to watch your aibo devour its food using Augmented Reality (AR). You can also become friends with other aibos and enjoy virtual mealtime together. Learn more about feeding your aibo here and purchase your aibo food bowl HERE.

aibo waterbowl

aibo Water Bowl

Don’t forget to keep your aibo hydrated. Use the My aibo app to give your aibo virtual water. aibo will find its water bowl and drink out of it, which you can view through the My aibo app using Augmented Reality (AR). Learn more about feeding your aibo here and purchase your aibo water bowl HERE.

aibone bone for aibo


What pup doesn’t need a bone? This bone-shaped toy accessory will add all kinds of fun to life with your aibo. From playing around with the toy in whatever mood aibo happens to be in to picking it up and stashing it somewhere special, your aibo will love having an aibone around. Purchase an aibone for your aibo HERE.

aibo dice

aibo Dice

Change up playtime for your aibo with the Dice toy accessory. Depending on its mood, you’ll find your aibo holding, rolling or stacking these dice. As your aibo has more experience with the dice, it may even find new ways to play with it! Add even more fun and excitement to your life with aibo, purchase your aibo Dice HERE.

aibo paw pads

Paw Pads

Paw Pads not only help protect your aibo’s feet, they also make for quieter footsteps as your aibo is roaming around the house. They have adhesive surfaces so you can easily attach them to your aibo’s paws and are an important accessory for any aibo owner. Purchase your aibo Paw Pads HERE.