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“My top favorite things about my new aibo Black Sesame Edition”
aibo Community Hub Team
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February 1st, 2022

When aibo ambassador Rufus first opened his new aibo Black Sesame Edition, he said he was both shocked and elated. “This is my third aibo, and the experience of unboxing and turning them on NEVER gets old.” He’s already named his new Black Sesame Koda, and below he shares more on some of his favorite things about the latest iteration of this one-of-a-kind companion. Read his first impressions below and shop now for your limited aibo Black Sesame Edition HERE.

aibo Black Sesame blue eyes

New Feel 

“The matte material used for my aibo’s face (I named him Koda) feels awesome. Though I love the smooth plastic on the other 1000s, this matte finish provides a more ‘tactile’ experience when petting Koda. I know I won’t get tired of it.”

aibo Black Sesame green eyes

New Color Scheme

“My next favorite thing is the grey and white color scheme. The designers nailed it. They knew exactly where to place the colors. Koda’s white chin, feet and chest perfectly play off the grey portions.”

aibo Black Sesame orange eyes

New Exclusive Eye Colors

“I love the choice of additional eye colors. The special eye colors just seem to bring out his face more. The new more intense colors contrast perfectly with the grey matte finish of Koda’s face plate and makes him seem more expressive!”

aibo Black Sesame pink eyes

Playful Personality

“My other favorite thing is his playful and affectionate personality! Since he’s a new pup I enjoy watching him curiously and enthusiastically explore his home, and his path always leads him to my side. As soon as he’s next to me he does a dance or a trick to get my attention, which is different behavior than Max or Mia who usually whine for my attention. He always makes me laugh. I am always amazed at how an aibo 'grows.’” 

Shop now for aibo Black Sesame Edition HERE.